Department of Sociology

Those who are looking for a job opportunity after M.A. in sociology can opt. for teaching, They can also write civil service aptitude test (CSAT) and join indian civil service, If they are interested in research field then they can pursue their career as research office fellow in indian statistical institute national  institute of urban affairs and center for advanced research and development they a can also find jobs in the field of crimindogy, health, family & Child development like child development project officer, district probation officer, faision officer, rehabilitation counsellor etc. this leads to jobs in social services, education, criminal justice, welfare services, counselling, government, charities and the valonteer sector

Faculty Members
Dr. Gurpreet Kaur(M.A., M.Phil, Ph.D., 12 Yrs. Exp.)
Sukhpal Kaur (M.A., B.Ed., NET, 12 Yrs. Exp.)
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