Department of Physics

  • M.Sc. With specialization in LASER and Non conventional Energy Resources.
  • Highly motivated and qualified faculty.
  • Extension lectures and other co-curricular activities.
  • Regular weekly seminars by students.
  • For attaining excellence , work shop facility is also conducted for PG Students.
  • Well equipped electronics lab.
  • Dark room to perform activities based on optics.
  • Scintillation and GM counters of nuclear Physics experiments.
  • HLT and ESR experiments for solid state Physics.
  • Wi-Fi facility for Students.
Sh. Raman Kumar (HOD)(M.Sc., B.Ed., NET, 3 Yrs. Exp.)
Ms. Neha Ahuja (M.Sc.,B.Ed., NET, GATE, Ph.D. 5 Yrs. Exp.)
Ms. Kashboo  (M.Sc.,  1 Yrs. Exp.)
Sh,Devinder jalandhara (M.Sc., B.Ed., 1 Yrs. Exp.)
Ms. Timsy Chabra (M.Sc., B.Ed., 5 Yrs. Exp.)
Sh. Amit Soni (M.Sc., 1 Yrs. Exp.)
Ms. Naveep Kaur (Class: M.Sc. Year 2015, Position : First in University)
Ms. Manisha Kaur (Class : M.Sc. Year : 2014, Position : First in University)
Ms. Shabnam Almadhi (Class: M.Sc. Year 2013, Position : First in University)
Ms. Meena Kumari (Class : M.Sc. Year : 2012, Position : First in University)
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