Department of Geography

People continue to think that geography is only about rote memorization and trivia, but actually geography is the study and understanding of all aspects of earth and how we live on it. It is a subject of inquiry a set of research tools and a set of life skills.
Scope of geography: Town planning, Defence, Education, Survey, Forest Service, Cartography, Urban planning, Remote sensing, Competitive exams Travel and Tourism, Agricultural or Economic Govt. and Research organization. We have well equiped lab and well qualified and experienced teaching staff. We offer undergraduate and post graduate courses.

Faculty Members
Dr. Priyadarshini (HOD)(M.A., M.Phil, Ph.D., B.Ed, M.Ed., 20 Yrs. Exp.)
Sh. Som Prakash (M.A., M.Phil, NET, JET, 9 Yrs. Exp.)
Sh. Rajender Kumar (M.A., NET, 8 Yrs. Exp.)
Satish K. Yadav (M.A., B.Ed., NET, JET, 1 Yrs. Exp.)
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